Open House celebrates Konnekt Cafe at UC East

UC Clermont College held an Open House today to celebrate the new Konnekt Cyber Café that began offering food service this fall semester. The Konnekt Cyber Café provides a comfortable eating, gathering and computing space for the UC East campus.

“I like the idea of having students connect with one another while grabbing something to eat or connecting with the Wi-Fi access that is provided in the café. It’s great to have this place for our 1,200 students taking classes at UC East,” said Dean Greg Sojka.

The Konnekt Café offers students soup, chili, salads, wraps, paninis, fresh fruit, parfaits, veggie cups, cheese and crackers and specialty snacks. The hours of operation are 7:30 a.m. -2 p.m. Monday- Friday.

“It’s really nice to have a place in the building to go to – especially when you don’t have the time to run out and pick up something to eat,” said Chelsea Zahlen, a junior nursing student from Union Township.

The Konnekt Cyber Café name was chosen from among many submitted by faculty, staff and students at UC East during a naming contest. “We wanted to have a unique spelling for the café name. So we looked at the words, Cyber and Cybernetics, then we went back and looked at the Greek spelling or root of those terms. They are based on the Greek words Kyberre or Kybernan. In keeping with the style of the Greek words, we were led to the spelling of Konnekt,” said Assistant Dean of Facilities and Technology Services Steve Young.

The color scheme and photos on the wall pay tribute to the history of those who worked at the former Ford Plant. We wanted to design a space that had the feel of a comfortable coffee shop yet still provided a link to the many years of work done there by Ford employees. “We know that many students at that campus are there for an entire day and vending level service just doesn’t cut it. Providing food service above and beyond vending was always a goal for the UC East campus,” said Young.

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