Mason woman’s fossil finds wow Mason Intermediate students

Mason resident Helen Voorhis has collected fossils for fifty years, and over those decades her passion for brachiopods, bryozoans, crinoids, and trilobites hasn’t diminished a bit. On August 29, Voorhis talked with Mason Intermediate fourth graders in Cathie Richards and Denise Brown's classes about collecting fossils.

“We’re so lucky to live here. Five hundred million years ago, Cincinnati was covered by the sea. People from all over the world come here to look for animal fossils of those extinct sea creatures,” said Voorhis.

Voorhis shared fossil collection tips with the students and her enthusiasm for the thrill of finding a particularly great specimen. “I grew up on a farm in Lebanon not too far from here. We had a little creek, and that was a great place to find fossils. Anytime you can find a little stream or creek, you can almost always find some trilobites.”

The fourth graders appreciated the collection, and learning how easy it was to get started.

“Thank you [Mrs. Voorhis] for sharing your collection,” said Jacob Hollenbeck. “I’ve studied fossils and dinosaurs for half my life and I appreciate that you’ve been into fossils for a long time, too!”

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