Mason senior topresent research at the American Junior Academy of Science

A Mason High School senior is traveling to Chicago to present research at the American Junior Academy of Science.

Aman Kumar will represent the Ohio Academy of Science Feb. 13-17 at the Chicago conference, with his presentation, Processing of Multilayer Microcrystalline and Nano-crystalline Diamon thin Films Using Argon Rich Microwave Plasma with Chemical Vapor Deposition.

“It is a huge accomplishment to have the American Junior Academy of Science recognize the remarkable achievements of Aman’s independent research once again,’’ said Principal Mindy McCarty-Stewart.

“This young scientist’s work is very impressive and we congratulate him.”

This is the third time Aman has qualified to represent Ohio at the conference. He has also presented a paper at the group’s international conference held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Candada.

Aman also earned Ohio State University’s Stone Laboratory Scholarship for his project in botany, environmental sciences and zoology during the Ohio Science Fair. His topic was Pantherophis Guttatus Kinematics, Spatial Decision Making and Modes of Locomotion.

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