Mason City Schools awarded Ohio School Facilities Commission Security Grant

Mason’s security systems are being beefed up thanks to a grant from the Ohio School Facilities Commission. Mason will receive up to $10,000 to install a MARCS emergency communication system in each school.

“This is an important new way to address the most crucial needs of first responder communications and help secure access to our buildings further,” said Mike Brannon, assistant superintendent of operations, when presenting the grant proposal to the district’s Safe & Inviting Schools committee last month.

The MARCS radios provide easy and immediate access to the appropriate local law enforcement first responder. The state-of-the-art radio was designed through a collaboration among school officials and law enforcement first responders. The school security grant program, authorized in HB 59, was signed into law by Governor Kasich on June 30. The grant allocates up to $2,000 for one emergency communications system unit per school building.

On October 17, the OSFC let Mason City Schools know that its grant was approved. A MARCS/Motorola representative will set-up and install the system.

The Safe & Inviting Schools committee allows district officials to have ongoing, meaningful conversations with local law enforcement. The district’s operations department will work closely with the Mason Police and Fire departments to ensure Mason City Schools’ radios are tied into the City and County’s emergency systems.

“We are fortunate to have been selected by the OSFC to begin this very important project. We also appreciate our local law enforcement partners, along with members of our Safe and Inviting Schools Team, who help ensure that we always keep student safety top of mind,” said Brannon.

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