Kings Island attractions give more than 24 million rides in 2013

KINGS ISLAND, Ohio – The attractions at Kings Island combined to give more than 24 million rides during the 2013 season – 24,448,763 to be exact.

Five attractions gave more than 1 million rides: Diamondback (1,861,093), The Racer (1,329,389), The Beast (1,089,628), Vortex (1,065,049) and the K.I. & Miami Valley Railroad (1,004,881).

Diamondback had a record year, surpassing its previous high of 1,852,831 rides given during its debut season in 2009.

The Vortex gave its 40-millionth ride in 2013, while the Dodgem gave its 30-millionth, Congo Falls and Flight Deck their 20-millionth and the Zephyr its 15-millionth.

More than 1.27 billion rides have been given since Kings Island opened in 1972. The Enchanted Voyage (47,380,374) and Kenton County Keelboat Canal (40,069,518) top the list of retired rides, which gave a combined total of 411,451,096 rides during their years of service at Kings Island.

In 2014, The Racer is poised to become the first attraction in park history to surpass 100-million rides given. The twin-track wooden roller coaster has given 99,154,882 rides since it opened in 1972.

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