Great Oaks issues Effectiveness Report

Along with the new Ohio Department of Education report card for public career-technical planning districts, Great Oaks Career Campuses has published an Effectiveness Report with additional information.

“The Ohio report card is an excellent starting point for our community to understand our work,” said Great Oaks President/CEO Robin White. “In addition, we want our families to see other information we collect each year to measure our students’ success. It’s a part of being fully accountable to all.”

The Ohio report card for CTPDs gives a letter grade for graduation rates and post-program placement, the percentage of students who are successful six months after graduation. Great Oaks received two As and one B.

“Public career-technical schools are measured a bit differently from traditional school districts,” said White. “We are—and should be—measured based on the success of our students after they complete our programs.” White said she was particularly proud that more than 91 percent of graduates were employed, in apprenticeship programs, continuing education, or in the military six months after graduating.

The Effectiveness Report issued by Great Oaks provides statistics on academics, college credits earned, employer involvement, student activities, teacher expertise, and finances.

The Ohio report card and Great Oaks Effectiveness Report can be seen at

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