Cedar Village residents Take WCCC Computer Course

Ten residents at Cedar Village Retirement Center in Mason are sending emails and viewing photos with family and visiting great-grandchildren through Skype thanks to lessons provided by the Warren County Career Center.

WCCC recently completed a 12-week training session for the residents and held a graduation ceremony to celebrate their accomplishments. The residents learned basic computer skills and some specifics of Windows 7, Email, Skype and Facebook. Most of the participants had no prior computer experience and were beginning a new adventure in the area of technology. The Warren County Career Center provided on site instruction at Cedar Village weekly. WCCC Instructor Peggy Goodwin taught the class to the individuals and was very successful in working with these residents to teach them these basic computer and specialized skills.

All of the students were extremely excited to use their new skills. One of the students, Helen Werner, said, “I was able to see my 1-year-old great-granddaughter walk by using Skype.” Other residents also expressed their excitement with learning how to communicate with family members via email and download and view pictures. Many have purchased computers for their own personal use now that they have these new skills.

A second session for more residents will begin in late July. “This was one of the most rewarding experiences to be involved with in my career at the WCCC,” WCCC Business and Industry Coordinator Donna Cox said. “The senior population typically does not have the opportunity to have hands-on instruction for computer skills and the residents were very fortunate that Cedar Village made the commitment for their training. We were very excited to partner with Cedar Village to provide this customized training to meet the needs of the residents that participated in the class and are looking forward to our next group of graduates.”

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