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Walking the brick sidewalks of downtown Lebanon, a visitor would be hard-pressed to keep “quaint” from coming to mind. “It’s a beautiful little town,” said Jo Wise, executive director of Historic Downtown Lebanon Inc. (HDLI), an organization for devoted to the revitalization, economic development and historic preservation. of downtown Lebanon. “The buildings have maintained their historic integrity.”

“There are lots of different things to enjoy,” she added. “It would be a nice place for date night; it’s a great place for kids; it’s good for a ladies’ day out.”

More than 50 specialty and antique shops line the streets; restaurants and attractions – Wise cites Lebanon’s theater company, symphony and museum among them – draw visitors, too. “There’s lots to do; lots of little shops; good places to eat … people like to come (here) to get away,” said Laura Ferguson, who runs Heritage House Gifts with her mother, Paula Jackson. “It’s kind of a little escape.”

“One thing that I’ve found over 28 years is that you get intergenerational shopping; moms and daughters, and sometimes granddaughters,” said Joan Townsend, owner of Oh Suzanna. “There’s something for everybody.“This town has a real center,” she added. “They open those lifestyle malls; we’re the real lifestyle mall.” I really love that.”

“It has a small-town flavor,” added Ted Kossouji, who owns Golden Turtle Chocolate Factory with his wife, Joy, and was a charter member of HDLI. “It’s a town where people can take their families with strollers, feel safe, take a train ride, get some ice cream or chocolates. “I love it here,” he said. “How can it be any better than this?”

The Golden Lamb

The Golden Lamb is almost a mandatory stop on a visit to Historic Downtown Lebanon – after all, a dozen U.S. presidents, from as far back as John Quincy Adams to as recent as George W. Bush, have been there.


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