Service dog missing since June 30 in Pleasant Plain

Help find the dog that has saved the lives of many other dogs.

Cody is a brown and white, male Australian Shepherd with the “job” of saving the lives of other dogs by showing them proper behavior and teaching them manners.

He has been missing from his home in Pleasant Plain since June 30.

Cody is owned by Paula Heckathorn, a dog behavior specialist who works with local rescues and their difficult dogs to help find forever homes. Some of the dogs Paula and Cody work with are on their way to be euthanized unless they can be re-trained. The team has re-trained and saved countless dogs and are a valuable asset to the local community.

Paula was professionally schooled in Los Angeles on how to effectively use Cesar Millan’s training techniques on dogs with challenging issues. Cody is her No. 1 training partner.

Please help us find Cody so they can continue their important work.

He ran away after being hit by a car on Morrow Rossburg Road in Pleasant Plain. Cody was slightly injured, very frightened and may be limping. He is wearing a collar with a School Road address.

For more information contact Paula Heckathorn. Cell: 513-703-9881 Home Ph: 513-877-2227

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