Heritage Village Museum’s hosts second annual Scarecrow Contest

Feeling crafty?

The Heritage Village Museum scarecrow contest is fast approaching and now is a great time to begin thinking of ideas for that winning design.

Families, community groups, businesses and individuals are all welcome to participate in creating a scarecrow to provide an exciting focal point between two fun traditions the Village holds every year: Fall Harvest Festival and Haunted Village.

The entrance fee is only $15 and will include signage and placement during both events. Prizes will also be awarded to the best entries. There are no limitations as to how you decorate your scarecrow although the scarecrow must be waterproof and in good taste. The deadline to have your completed scarecrow at the Village is Friday, Sept. 13. The winner will be announced on Monday, Oct. 28. Gather your friends and help the Village decorate this Fall.

To register, call 513-563-9484 or email info@heritagevillagecincinnati.org for scarecrow guidelines.

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